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Form W-12: AKA PTINThings to Accomplish

Form W-12: AKA PTINThings to Accomplish

Applying or renewing your PTIN through the paper option would require you to provide the necessary information. Some may be made available to the general public. Here is the information you need to provide:

Line 1. Enter your legal name that will appear on your tax return and on the tax returns you prepared.

Line 2. Indicate if your applying to have a valid PTIN for the current year or the next calendar year once you applied after October 1. 

Line 3. Provide your social security number or SSN and date of birth.

Line 4. Enter your personal and valid mailing address and phone number.

Line 5a. If your business address is different from the address you entered in Line 4, you need to provide the main address in which you are employed.

Line5b. Business name and website address is optional.

Line 6. Provide an email address that could be contacted regarding the form.

Line 7. Explanation and disclosure of any felony convictions is required.

Line 8. Provide the steps you had taken to resolve any issue regarding any noncompliance situation with federal tax laws, otherwise, check the “Yes” box.

Line 9. Your professional credentials should be provided through checking the appropriate boxes for it.

Line 10. If your are an attorney, CPA or EA, you should skip this line.

Line 11. Enter your identification numbers if you are self-employed or owner, partner, or officer of a tax return preparation business.

Line 12. You must submit an original, certified and notarized copy of your social security card with one acceptable supporting document if you have a SSN but never filed a U.S. federal income tax return or in the past 4 years, or do not have a U.S. federal income tax filing requirement.

Line 13. If you have filed your individual income tax return more than 4 years ago, other supporting identification documents should also be provided.
Line 14. The desired payment for the application processing fee should be included.

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