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Importance of Tax Software in Any Tax Business

Importance of Tax Software in Any Tax Business

In order to obtain a PTIN, there is a specific process and certain procedures you need to follow. You could apply or renew your PTIN online or paper option. Online application could take up to 15 minutes, while the paper option could take 4 to 6 weeks to process. But having a PTIN does not end there. You could change your PTIN status to inactive or reactivate your PTIN account anytime in a given circumstance to protect your identity.

Who needs to inactivate his PTIN account?

Any individual who does not prepare or assists in the preparation of any federal tax returns for compensation could request to inactivate his or her account. If they do not expect any process of preparing a federal tax return for the full calendar year or the coming year/s, they should request inactive status in that specific calendar year.

How can an individual inactivate his PTIN account?

Visit the website and access your online PTIN account. Select the “Inactivate PTIN” function under the Manage My PTIN Account Section.

How can an individual reactivate his PTIN account?

Reactivating your PTIN account should be done within three years. Select the “Reactivate PTIN” function in your online PTIN account. You should pay the renewal fee for the year of activation.

What if I don’t have an online account?

You may call the telephone number 1-877-613-PTIN (7846) if calling from the U.S., for TTY/TDD assistance, dial 1-877-613-3686. If calling internationally, call 1-915-342-5655 (not a toll-free number) for assistance.

Can I just let my PTIN expires to be on inactive status?

If you expect or there is any possibility that you may prepare federal tax returns in the future, placing your PTIN involuntary inactive status is necessary to reactivate it easily; otherwise, let your PTIN expire.

Can an enrolled student inactivate his or her PTIN account?

If you are an enrolled student, maintaining your PTIN account inactive status is necessary to maintain their EA credential until they retire.

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