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We Don’t Simply Aim for Success

We Don’t Simply Aim for Success

Having your own tax business requires enough knowledge and timely strategies to stay in the competition. Well, not just being competitive is what you should aim for. Being at the top of the game is what you should be. 

How to start a tax business?

Before starting your taxation business, the first thing you should obtain is your Preparer Tax Identification Number or PTIN. PAW Financial is one of the few established tax firms that don’t require any individual to get the Electronic Filing Number or EFIN. Your PTIN is enough to start your business venture. Complete and exact information should be supplied during your PTIN application. We could assist you in the whole process of obtaining your PTIN instructions are provided to all of our Tax Partners.

What to do next after obtaining PTIN?

Obtaining your PTIN is the start of your business venture. Learning the basic things on how a tax business works is not enough to stay in the competition; continuous learning and business marketing tools and strategies are needed indeed. We offer two kinds of packages that suits your needs and guarantee that we will guide you in all the steps on your business journey with a 24/7 customer service during tax season and email support all year long. Your emails would be attended as soon as we receive your inquiry but our response might take up to 72 hours for us to provide the best resolution we could offer.

It does not merely end there!

A busy business like a tax preparation one deserves the best vacation package you could get. You and your clients could avail of inclusive vacation certificates you prefer. You can choose from places like Jamaica, Cancun, or Vegas, and more. Who doesn’t want an affordable and rewarding vacation after a busy season, right?

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