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What to Do with a Notice From IRS

What to Do with a Notice From IRS

IRS produces millions of letters every year. The mail clearly states the reason for the correspondence and would include instructions on how to answer it. Most letters and notices could be dealt with without a need to visit the IRS office or even to phone the office. Once you receive a notification, there are things you should do, such as:

  • Don’t ignore the notice. Answering the notice promptly is important to settle the reason behind the notice.
  • Read it carefully and follow the instructions correctly, which are included in the notice.
  • If the notice is about corrected information in your tax return, compare the information provided in the notice with your tax return. If you agree with the notice, a reply is not necessary unless there is a due on any payment, otherwise, respond to the notice through mail and expect a reply from the IRS within at least 30 days. 
  • If you have any questions regarding the notice, call the phone numbers located at the upper right corner of the notice and be sure that you have a copy it, including your tax return, for further clarification of the issue.
  • Keep every notice you receive from the IRS.
  • IRS first contacts people in mails; thus, don’t fall for phone or phishing email scams or any suspicious contact through social media.

The notice usually deals with your tax account issue that could be either a corrected error in your tax return or a need for additional information. If there is a need for a response, accomplish it promptly. 

IRS does not contact any individual through email or phone regarding personal and financial information. There is an appropriate action that should be taken once you receive any form of scam. 

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